Monday, August 23, 2021

August RWLB

 Here we are again! I remembered this recurring post! Yay for me! Yay for you!


I'm 50% through two very good books right now. 

I started Empire of Pain a while ago and I am riveted every time I pick it up. It's dense though, and a little depressing--like, how did we let this happen??? I should finish it up in the next two weeks but we'll see. This one requires lighter reads sprinkled in now and then so it may take me a little longer. I'm in no rush.

The other book I'm currently reading is 11/22/63 by Stephen King. I read this before bed each night and it is fun! There are definitely some creepy vibes and few scenes I needed to read in the safety of daylight, but mostly it's thought-provoking and plot-driven in the best way. It's nearly 900 pages so I didn't expect it to be a quick read, but still, I'd love to finish by the first week of September so I can move on to King's new release that's getting a lot of love from people I follow on the internet, Billy Summers.


Ummm...Ted Lasso came back so I'm watching that of course! This show is so good. If you haven't seen it yet, you have to stop reading right now and go watch the first two episodes. You'll fall completely in love and then come back here and leave a comment about how great Ted and Coach Beard are.  

And...because I'm basic and follow all the trends...I finally got caught up on Mare of Easttown. This show on HBO is veeeeeeeeery dark. There was an episode that was so hard to watch I nearly gave it up. I'm glad I didn't though. Definitely got Long Bright River vibes throughout the show which is set outside of Philly. Kate Winslet deserves all the awards for her performance which was absolutely gripping. And, Jean Smart was the absolute best mom I've ever seen on TV. Wow.

Listening to

We went on vacation a few weeks ago and I blasted Sublime in my AirPods while my kids played in the ocean. Is there any better music to listen to on the beach? I think not. 

i took this while listening to 'what i got'

My book podcasts keep me afloat during stressful times and coming home jet-lagged to headlines that made me sick and having a mountain of laundry to face, I knew I need the soothing voices and book talk that I find in my usual selection of podcasts. I'm a huge fan of Currently Reading and of course all things Anne Bogel, but last week I discovered, Book Talk, etc. So good when you need an hour of bookish escape but can't focus on an audiobook. 


I took my kids back to school shopping today and bought myself an outfit too. I've never done this before but after this summer, after this year, I'm celebrating each new season in whatever way I can! I got the cutest pair of pants at anthropologie and I have to share them with you:

Of course, my kids were making jokes about how they could have easily made these pants for me and saved me a little money. Maybe next time...

I've recently taken up cross-stitching at night while we watch tv. I'm an even slower stitcher than I am a reader, but I love it. It's relaxing and so fun to see the pattern emerge (albeit slowly). I bought the Caterpillar cross-stitch winter stitch along to give me a project that I will hopefully complete by winter. I love seasonally-themed crafts and this is one I can frame when I'm done. Plus, it's Nutcracker-themed!

So that completes another month of RWLB. Leave a comment with what you've been reading, watching, listening to, and/or buying this month. I'd love to know! 

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