Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Word is Murder

 Did I mention I love mysteries?  It's one of my go-to genres for busting up reading slumps and for general book enjoyment.

Anthony Horowitz seems to write a really good mystery.  I read Magpie Murders after it came out years ago and loved it.  It was so good I bought The Word is Murder and then set it aside, thinking I would save it for a rainy day.

Bookstagram let me know that Anthony Horowitz is coming out with a new book and I realized I hadn't picked up The Word... yet.  I pulled it off my shelf on an actual rainy day and was completely absorbed.  

A woman walks into a funeral parlor, plans out her funeral, and is murdered later that day.  It's an interesting premise for sure, but I really loved the way Horowitz himself (well, kind of) helps solve the murder.  I said in my Instagram review that it gave me Inception and Fletch vibes so of course, I loved it.  Authors who play with form and don't take themselves too seriously and still manage to pull all of that together into a well-written, cohesive narrative are my favorite.  It's a tall order, I realize that.  There are funny asides, clever revelations, and it's the beginning of a series.  The next book is out and sitting on my shelf waiting for me.   

Do you like reading mysteries?  What's one of your favorites in the genre?  Isn't it the best thing in the world to curl up with a mystery book on a rainy fall Saturday? That last one was totally rhetorical but it's nice when we can all agree on something.  

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