Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Reading Recap: September Edition

I can't believe September is over and we are heading into the heart of fall.  These are the months that feel like they are slipping through my fingers.  But these are also the months that are chock full of family, celebrations, and cozy evenings, so I'm here for them.  

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I really didn't read much in September, though it felt like I read a lot.  With the beginning of a new schedule (school, soccer, cross county, music, volleyball, etc...) I prefer napping to reading in the afternoon.  Just like last month, emotions were running high around our house and I reached for quality books, books I've wanted to read for a while, and books that came highly recommended.  So again, I'm happy with my list. 

Little Fires Everywhere

Was I the last person in America to read this book?  Probably.  I knew I needed to get to it before Reese Witherspoon's adaptation hits Hulu--which I don't currently subscribe to, but will get just for this series.  This book, like Ng's previous work, feels like putting family life under a cold, hard lens and examining it thoroughly.  I enjoyed seeing teens and moms of teens portrayed so realistically.  This would make for an excellent book club discussion, but you probably know that already since your book club has most likely already read it.  😝

The Huntress

This book is high-qual historical fiction.  It was about WW2, which is somewhat overplayed, but the angle Quinn took was unique.  There were multiple perspectives (because aren't there always???) and they were easy to distinguish.  At one point, the perspectives converge and it leads to a thrilling and satisfying ending.  I think I'm done with historical fiction until 2020, though.  When you read too many of them close together they seem a bit repetitive.  

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I read this for my book club and loved it.  It was about a child living through the blitz in England and then after.  It had a hazy quality and things were revealed in a disjointed way.  It doesn't have much of a plot, but the insights were incredible and I had so much empathy for people living in the aftermath of war.  It was unanimously panned by my book club and the reviews are mixed.  But if you like true literary fiction, you would probably like this.  Also, President Obama listed it as a book he recommended this summer.  #funfact

Never Have I Ever

This library hold came in and took me by surprise last week.  I am reading a couple of other books that I'm really enjoying but I set them aside over the weekend and read this so I wouldn't drag it out until just before the due date.  The idea of other readers waiting pushed me along too.  It was a fun, lightly susupenseful novel centering on secrets and how far you would go to hide them.  There were a couple of surprise twists and turns and I learned a little bit about scuba.  I like Jackson's style.  She writes well, but not intesnely, so you can read it at a soccer game or while the kids are doing homework. 

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Or while you get some laundry done...

That's what I read in September, and now on to October!  Leave a note in comments with your September reads or link to a post.  I'd love to see what you've been reading.


  1. I thought The Huntress was so good! The audio really helped me get into it. Never Have I Ever was a nice surprise for me, too.

    1. Yesss! I kept thinking while I was listening to the audio that it was so riveting. I didn't want to stop listening. I'm listening to Becoming right now and loving it. What audiobooks do you recommend?

  2. You are not the last person to read Little Fires. I've had it on my shelf since Christmas...two years ago!!! You might have just inspired me to finally read it.

    1. Wow--I'm glad I'm not alone! I love finishing those books that have been sitting there for 2, 4, 5 years. That is the best feeling. And, I think it would make a great fall/winter read.

  3. Now I must be the last person alive who has yet to read Little Fires Everywhere ;) I agree about The Huntress! It was interesting reading about a Russian woman's perspective since most WWII novels are from the British, French, or American.

    Here are my October reads: https://elle-alice.blogspot.com/2019/11/october-book-reviews.html


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