Monday, October 21, 2019

Monday Moods

This weekend we had guests and did a million things so this Monday I am dragging.

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I have a nice big cup of coffee and a quiet house.  Without further are my Monday moods.  

Things I Love

1.  Visiting the monuments in DC.  This weekend we had perfect weather and my brother and his family were visiting so we decided to head into DC.  I was struck with gratitude and reverence while we were standing at Lincoln's feet and reading the names on the Vietnam memorial.  If you haven't been, you should go.  
a quiet moment at the WWII memorial

2.  This tea.  It is my favorite thing on chilly afternoons.  Sometimes cinnamon is too strong for me, but this has a nice balance. And, it goes great with a good book.  

3.  East of Eden.  I'm making a big push to finish this in the next couple of weeks.  I put sticky tags to mark the number of pages I need to read each day.  The story is so good that I'm reaching for it when I have a few moments instead of my phone and that makes me very happy.  

Things I Don't Love

1.  Making lunch.  My breakfast game is strong and at dinner, I come correct, but lunch always feels like too much.  I've been doing protein smoothies and that's helped but on weekends I never know what to feed my family for the middle meal and wind up serving a hodgepodge of food.  

2.  Messy rooms.  We did a lot of organizing last spring and now it's all fallen apart.  Every time I walk into a room or closet I feel like I'm going to be buried alive.  I guess it's time to focus and get to work.  I know I'll feel better after, but finding the time for so many projects is daunting.  

3.  Not finishing books.  I have a ton of books I've started and can't finish.  Why do 350 pages feel insurmountable in some books and not enough in others?  Right now, I've only finished one book for this month and that is AGGRAVATING me.  I have the potential to finish four more before November rolls around because I'm more than halfway done with those books but it just feels like they will NEVER END.  Sorry for the caps but I am struggling with this.  #booknerdproblems

Ahhh, now that I've gotten all that off my chest I feel free as a bird and ready to go outside and enjoy some sunny weather with Ruby...but maybe I should try and finish of these books piled on my coffee table first.  

why would I read all these books I've started when I can ski in place while wearing a birdfeeder hat inside?  

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