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I'm starting a recurring post called #goals because I've got lots of goals floating around in my head, but writing them down here and then checking in with them will give me some accountability to hopefully see them through. 

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I've broken my goals into three categories.  Reading, writing, and personal.  These are the three main sections of my life and within each group, I can be more specific about what I want to change. 

*deep breath* Here I go:

Reading Goals

I'll be honest with you, I've gotten a little lazy about reading in my spare moments.  I've kind of been overloaded with the kids' stuff and when my brain feels like it's handling too much at once, I reach for a screen.  Reading East of Eden has taken me waaaaaay longer than I ever imagined.  I love the book, but I also love scrolling twitter. 

My first reading goal is to finish East of Eden by Friday, November 8. 

The other aspect of my reading life that seems a little out of whack lately is reading things other people suggest/required for a book club.  Nothing makes me drag my feet more than reading a book I don't really like, but I need to read for a group.  I am an adult, I know what I like to read, I should read that and ignore reading peer pressure. 

My second reading goal is to be selective about the books I read in November and chose books I want to read not books that I should read for a group or conversation.  And not join so many reading groups. 

Writing goals

I'm digging into writing these days.  It's not always easy, but my brain and emotions always feel better after I've done it.  Every single thing I've ever read about writing says it's crucial to do it daily.  I get easily distracted with books, life, carpools, etc...but I know this is something that is very important to me.  I can sneak in a half-hour of editing or adding to a story before bed if I make it a priority. 

My first writing goal is to write every day for a half-hour or more. 
hmm, this feels on brand

Professional development is hard to come by in such a solitary task as writing, but I've listened to podcasts and read books that have really helped me.  There are online classes I'd love to explore, but first, I want to reread some of my favorite writing books. 

My second writing goal is to read a book about writing each month until January (and then reevaluate). 

Personal goals

Daily exercise and time outside both help keep my anxiety in check.  This fall, there's no reason I can't get outside for a few brisk walks each week.  My schedule changes each week so I can't really be strict about which days I go walking, but maybe that flexibility will keep me from getting so easily frustrated when I mess up. 

My first personal goal is to walk at least three times per week, outside, if the weather permits.

My closet has been a source of fear and loathing.  I started cleaning it one Saturday and stopped thinking I could just finish it on Sunday.  I never did.  The space has become so overrun with stray clothes, shoes, bags, and weird things my kids throw in there that I tremble in fear every time I have to go in there.  I literally have to lunge across a huge pile of discarded shirts and pants to get into it.  I avoid putting away laundry and getting clothes from in there (there are plenty of options in the pile on the threshold).  It's not a good scene.

My second personal goal is to CLEAN MY CLOSET already!!!  (But really, I'm giving myself until November East of Eden...because Rome wasn't built in a day and I am the queen of procrastinators). 

So, six goals to work on.  It seems like a lot, but I actually feel really good.  They are all completely doable, I think.  I'll check back in re: #goals soon.

I can do anything!!!
What are your goals or your goal catagories or do you think I've just given myself waaaaay too many goals?  Leave a comment and tell me what you think and what you want to get done in the next few weeks. 

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