Thursday, October 3, 2019

Family Reading

We are a bookish family.  Books in every room, books for every holiday.  We read together and talk about the books we are reading independently.  My husband and I are both English majors and we're intentional about raising readers.  

We often grab our books after dinner and gather in the family room.  Some of the kids have to be called to join in the fun.  Now that we are all settled on the couch, let me tell you what we are reading.

My husband is the ultimate book snob.  His goal is to read all the Pulitzer prize winners and the more challenging a book the more he is interested.  His motto is "quality over quantity."  He is so much fun to discuss books with because he always has strong opinions.  Right now he is reading The Overstory by Richard Powers.

My oldest child is a high school sophomore in GT English with lots of reading requirements.  She has been reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight for school and How to be Parisian for fun.  High school is hard, but she loves her English class (and French, too).  I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  

we are the same

My second daughter has loved graphic novels, illustration, and reading since she was 3.  She is in a phase where she can't seem to find anything that really strikes her fancy.  She doesn't want "grown-up books" but she also rolls her eyes if there is too much YA drama and angst.  Kaytee from The Currently Reading Podcast recommended Eliza and Her Monsters and she's been reading that and loving it.

do not come at her with that drama, she just doesn't have time for it

My ten-year-old is big on series.  She read most of Harry Potter and then decided to take a break, she loved the Pegasus series, and now she is reading through Percy Jackson.  She has a few books next to her, and on top of the stack is Save Me a Seat which is one of the books she is reading for the Battle of the Books.

The youngest, my eight-year-old son is reading Awesome Dog 5000 and Peter and Ernesto: A Tale of Two Sloths and cracking up now and then.  I love it when he recaps the books for me.  It has taken some time for my son to get on board, but over the summer he finally became fluent with his reading which has helped him enjoy it more.  

And me?  I'm bouncing between East of Eden and Ask Again, Yes and loving every minute of both of them.  It's a great problem to have...I often find myself wasting precious reading minutes debating which one I should read.

I'm a wild card.

What books are being read in your house?  

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