Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday Mood

It's Monday again.  To start a new week I'm sharing three things I'm loving and three things that are getting on my nerves.

Here's what I'm loving:

1.  Apps that help you stay on track with exercising.  I am 7 weeks into a 10k running program.  The progression and coaching help me stay on track.  And there are no subscription fees.

*actual footage of me running

2.  East of Eden.  I set this aside for the last few weeks but the story had been kicking around in the back of my brain.  This weekend I spent some time with it and loved every minute.  It's just the kind of book that totally pulls me in and submerges me in the lives of the characters and the world Steinbeck is building.

3. Seeing old friends.  This weekend I had the opportunity to see friends from middle school I hadn't seen in 15 years.  We laughed so hard and it was like no time passed.  It sounds trite but it was true.  I was totally nervous before I saw them--I even asked my husband if he thought my outfit looked like I was trying too hard--but the moment we first saw each other my nerves (and concern for my outfit) flew away and we picked up right where we left off.  I think I have a happiness hangover today. 

Here's what I'm not loving:

1.  Time.  I just don't know how to fit everything I need to get done into a day.  I can be super productive but still find myself frustrated when I go to bed because I didn't get to {write, exercise, read, clean, fold laundry, get groceries, make those calls, send those emails}.

too much to do...must nap instead

2.  Making dinner.  This is something that I'm forced to consider every day and I just can't.  With fall activities in full swing, it is v. hard to also figure out when six people will eat and what they will eat.  I'm over it and it's only September.  We went on a fantastic vacation over the summer to an all-inclusive in Mexico.  It was glorious.  No meal planning at all.  Just show up and eat.  Why can't real life be like that?

3.  Being sick.  My daughter gave me her head cold and I spent the weekend sucking cough drops and slinging back dayquil shots.  I'm feeling a little better today but it stinks when the weather is nice and you have a million things to do and your throat feels raw and rough and you can't breathe through your nose. 

Ok, those are mine...what are your Monday moods?  Share in comments.

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