Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Status Update: End of Summer

It's the final week before school starts around here.  That means we are scheming to get to the beach once more and trying to cram 1,000 fun activities in (laser tag, arcade, movies) before those yellow buses come around. 

We hosted a big party last weekend.  Like BIG.  63 guests.  We had never done anything like this before and I worried I made a terrible mistake but it was great.  Everything worked out and fun was had by all.   

When my schedule is full of cleaning, parties, work, and fun, I always think, "I will have no time for reading" and yet somehow, love finds a way.  

I am reading in all of the nooks and crannies of time that I can find.  A few minutes before my daughter gets in the car after volleyball camp, a few minutes before dinner, and a very few minutes before bed.  (I am tired.)

All these times all add up and by the end of the day, I'm surprised that I've crushed another 50 pages or so. 

This time of year also makes me reflect on what we did right and what we got wrong this summer.  My kids and I are a bundle of nerves before we have to implement a new routine and schedule.  A combination of anxiety, a full schedule, and deep thinking makes me turn to books when I need to catch a break from my brain. 

I love the way I can escape into a good book and it requires enough of my focus that the rest of the world literally fades away. 

I have noticed, though, that at different times I've hidden in different genres.  When we were moving, I read classics.  Slipping back into timeless Literature gave me a sense of security I needed.

 When my daughter had surgery, I read YA fantasy.  Having to learn the ins and outs of a new world kept me from letting reality spin me out of control. 

When my dad passed away, I read historical fiction.  Stories about people who lived good lives and fought good fights gave me hope to carry on. 

Now, facing transitions and self-evaluation I am reading murder mysteries.  I'm not sure what this one says about my current situation but gosh, I really love a good murder story. 

What do you read when you get busy or times get tough?  Have you noticed patterns in the genres you turn to during different circumstances? 

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