Monday, May 13, 2019

It's Monday

It's Monday...what are you reading?

Well, I seem to be starting more books than I'm finishing lately.  And, I'm itching to start more. 

Today I finished listening to The Almost Sisters.  It was a fun read that was also well written.  I would start to think, "This is a little too fluffy," and then boom--Jackson would add some compelling content about race, gender, conception, family, or illness.  And the author narrated it...impressive.

So, that's what I finished today.  But I've also cracked open my current Louise Penny book, The Nature of the Beast.  It is book 11 out of 14.  I still can't believe how long I've stuck with this series but its quality and I have a crush on the town of Three Pines.

The books that I'm 100 pages or more into but haven't opened yet today are:

Is it too much to hope that I could finish all of these by the end of the month?  

it is completely unlikely unless I get rid of my husband, kids, and dog and quit my job...hmm.

These are leftovers from my April reading to-do list and I'd really love not to carry them over into June.  

After I finish The Nature of the Beast I will focus on knocking out You're Wearing That by the weekend.  And, I may start reading Tell Me Three Things on Friday.  I heard Anne Bogel say she read it in one sitting.  Surely I can do the same...

I hope you enjoyed this little reading update/planning session.  What's on your radar for this week?  What books have you read today?  

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