Thursday, March 21, 2019

20 Things You Should Probably Know About Me

We're in a small restaurant with a small menu.  They're serving breakfast now.  The booths are cozy and there are a few old-timers adding to the vibe.  I'd have a cup of coffee (they have great coffee) and eggs (#teamsavory for breakfast y'all).  We'd talk about books and kids but then the conversation would wind around our lives.  

Before we begin asking deeper questions, here are 20 things you should probably know about me.  

1.  I have four kids.  They are 14, 13, 10, and 8.  The first three are girls and the baby is a boy.  Before you ask, we weren't trying for a boy.  When you have three girls you're expecting your fourth child to be a girl.  You are ready for a girl.  We got a boy and were delighted/overwhelmed with the change of pace.  And now...we are so busy.  

2.  My husband and I both love to read.  We're kind of competitive about it even though we read very differently.  Date nights often end with a trip to Barnes and Noble and we spend a good deal of time talking about what we're reading.  


3.  I am an English major (aka unemployable) with a focus on literature (aka really unemployable). 

4.  My faith is important to me.  Our family goes to church and some of my closest friends and best reading buddies are there.  

5.  Our family has a big dog named Ruby.  I waited 15 years to get her and she was totally worth the wait.  

6.  Every morning I teach kids in China how to speak English.  I'm pretty good at it and my job allows me the flexibility I need the rest of the day (see #1).

7.  I love crafts but am a serial monogamist.  I knit for a while.  I cross stitch for a while.  I scrapbook for a while.  Learning a new craft is half the fun for me.  When I walk through a Michaels store I feel like a kid in a candy store.  

8.  I've started my own book club a couple of times.  One of them lasted for a long time.  I'm now in a book club at my local independent bookstore and it is by far my favorite: no cleaning, no cooking, and the others always read the book.  

9.  I am the fourth child out of five.  

10.  Being outside keeps me sane.  I don't always remember this about myself, but when I do I'm much happier for it.  

11.  I started reading to each of my kids when they were in the womb and I haven't stopped.  Reading is important to me because it means connection and empathy.  Reading out loud has gotten us through some tough days. 

12.  I can't read before bed because...sleep.  

actual footage of me at 9:30pm

13.  Reading goals are my jam but I am a total mood reader.  I prefer number goals because they let me play around with what I read instead of being committed to a certain book or certain genre.  

14.  I love long books and classics the most.  Have I mentioned I read War and Peace???

15.  I only cook with a recipe.  And I cook a lot.  So a lot of planning goes into our dinners each week.  My favorites right now are Ina Garten and Pioneer Woman.  

I want to be their best friend/neighbor

16.  I love Toms shoes so much.  

17.  I am a podcast junkie.  I also listen to audiobooks.  Sometimes, if I'm not careful, I will have spent the day listening to people talk and then wonder why I feel so annoyed when my kids come home and want to talk.  

there are so many good ones and so little time

18. I am writing a novel.  It's slow going and who knows if it will ever see the light of day, but I'm 73 pages in and still going.  

19.  My husband is Persian and I try to include elements of Persian culture into our family.

20.  I am an Enneagram type 1 and an INFJ and an introvert.  Learning about personality frameworks has helped me understand some of my tendencies and be more intentional in how I approach others and myself.  

Now that you know all of these things about me we could order another cup of coffee and compare notes on personality types and reading goals and what we are knitting/cross-stitching/painting these days.  

It would be lovely.

What's something I should know about you?

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