Friday, February 1, 2019

What Saved My Life In January

I mean, the obvious answer is: books...there were a lot of them in January.  I will post a reading recap in a day or two so you can see those.  

But, aside from quiet moments spent with a book opened, these things made my January so much better. 

Tea Time
There is something so calming about routine.  I heat water in my pretty orange kettle that my husband got me two Christmases ago.  I choose a mug with a saying or picture I like.  I pick my tea.  The steam warms my face and I take a nice, long breath.  It is everything I need in the winter.  

Cute Pencils, Pretty Pens
I use colorful pens sparingly and I think that self-control adds to my appreciation.  Occasionally I remember to pull out my pen/pencil bag and mark up my bullet journal.  A little pop of color on the pages goes a long way.  Also, writing with cute pencils reminds me of being in grade school.  I have a CW Pencil subscription and it is one of my favorites.  I look forward to something fun to write with every time I get a shipping notification.  

Reading Challenges
I did a whole post on these and this month my dedication to various reading challenges helped me turn off the TV and put my phone down.  I have to read.  I don't have time for another episode of Parks and Rec.  My momentum may not last, but it sure helped make January better.  

Grocery Store Flowers
Almost every time I was in the grocery store this month I bought a bouquet.  Costco, Trader Joe's, or Giant, I found the flower section and allowed myself to pick something pretty.  Having happy flowers around definitely improved my mood.
my life motto

Nail Polish
I always forget how much I love painting my nails.  It is a relaxing thing that doesn't take two hours.  I'm far from perfect and accepting this is helping me overcome my natural perfectionism.  When I look down and see pretty fingers tapping away on my laptop it makes me smile.  #worthit
I am not pro

Valentine Stickers
I went to Target the other day and got some Valentine stickers with one of my daughters.  Then I stole the pack and started putting them randomly in my planner and bullet journal.   Whenever I go to add an appointment I see a little owl with a heart or a kitten and puppy embracing.  This warms my heart every time.  And it's been keeping me honest about actually using my planner.  

I am here for all the cute animal Valentines

January is the month for exercise resolutions.  I didn't make one because I know that doesn't work.  But, a couple of weeks ago the chaos of a busy season made me feel like I was going to buckle and my natural response to stress is to sit in a chair for hours with a book, ignoring reality as hard as I can.  There were audible sounds of old doors being forced open when I finally stood up after a long reading/destressing session.  Something had to be done.  The thought of running made me wince.  I figured yoga would be a good way to cheat on exercise, easy but it still counts.  

I'm here to tell you that I have been SORE for the last two weeks even though much of my exercise time is spent laying on the floor or sitting still and breathing.  My posture is getting better each day and I feel more open and optimistic.  Maybe this will last.

I think I'm nailing the poses but I actually look like this

What is saving your life now?  Do you drink tea?  If so, I need all your best recommendations for new flavors. 

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