Sunday, October 28, 2018


Today is Sunday.  After four days of clouds and rain, there are patches of blue sky that fill my heart with hope and happy thoughts.  

I went for a walk with my husband.  We took in the fall colors and the neighborhood decorations.  We talked and laughed and no one interrupted us.  

And then, after lunch, I took my two youngest children to a birthday party at a birthday party mecca: laser tag, bowling, and arcade games all under one roof.  It is my son's favorite place.

"Who cares," you say.  "No big deal!"

Well, I say it is a big deal, ever since they opened a Barnes and Noble next door.

I didn't need another book.  God knows I've got too many unread books in my house already.  But, after some leisurely browsing, I settled on Virgil Wander because I adored Peace Like a River and it sounded like something I'd love: a small town story with a quirky cast of characters.  Yes, please.

I grabbed a venti hot cinnamon spice tea from Starbucks as I paid for my book.  There were no empty seats in the place.  I guess I wasn't the only one looking for the calm that only comes from books and drinks prepared by someone else.  I left and headed straight for home.
the GOAT of teas

Now that I'm here, I'm thankful those white, marble-top cafe tables were occupied by older men with laptops, women with lots of bags and big earrings, and in one case, a mother and daughter chatting happily together.  

I can read and write comfortably at home and Barnes and Noble served its purpose: a little alone time, being surrounded by books, and walking away with a hot cuppa.  

Plus, when I got home one of my older daughters had cleaned up the messy kitchen and baked pumpkin muffins.  Teens are truly wonderful sometimes.  Sometimes.  

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