Friday, October 26, 2018

Reading in Real Life

Today all of my kids are at school after a run of sickness.  I am in that euphoric state that will either result in great productivity or absolutely nothing.  But, if you're reading this I must be favoring productivity.  Yay me!  

I took the dog out this morning.  It's one of those cold days, somewhere between fall and winter.  It might rain later.  The trees in our yard are maroon, orange, and red--really red.  Ruby and I wandered around the yard for a minute or two and then, when we went back in, I was immediately met with the smell of heater + candle and a comforting sensation: warmth.  This is why I love cold months.  That split second makes the cold house and the heavy jackets worth it. 

Yesterday I put on a pot of hot apple cider and watched my whole family gravitate to the couches.  Carrying books and mugs we rested.  It was delightful and just what we needed.  

I set a goal to finish A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by the end of the month.  I've pushed it aside for the last two months and now I've got some momentum working in my favor.  The book is great for fall because it is a little melancholy and a little hopeful.  I'm learning so much about a period of American history I thought I knew well.  And learning through story is my favorite.  

This morning I read 20 pages and felt sad and also laughed out loud.  All this to say: it is an accurate portrayal of life.  

My other goal for the month is to finish The Ministry of Ordinary Places.  I think I could probably do it easily if I could stop thinking deeply about each sentence and underlining every page.  It is a challenging, beautiful book.  There are only 213 pages but each one is dense and I often find myself reading a few pages and then turning Martin's words over and over in my mind.  Some books are like that for me, especially when they come into my life at just the right time.  

I wish I could say I'm always reaching for a book or that I choose my book over TV before bed.  Neither of those is true.  And I'm coming to a place where I feel ok with that.  Life is meant to be more than sitting in a room reading.  I want to write, watch my kids play, spend time with friends and family, and go outside.  I love reading but it's only part of who I am.  

I'm glad that when I do get the opportunity to crack open a book I'm reading gorgeous writing and thinking big thoughts.  That's what I want from my reading life, and that's what I'm getting.  

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