Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring! Yay!

Spring is here!  

The kids are home because of a snowstorm!  

It's actually still snowing and I'm kind of terrified that school will be canceled tomorrow too.  Maybe the time they are spending in the snow will mean a nap or an early bedtime.  That's wishful thinking.

Speaking of wishful thinking...let's talk about how happy I get at the start of something new.  New year, new season, new outfit, any of these things can lead me down a path of blind optimism.  Well, we're heading into a new season, even if there are 6 inches of snow on the ground, and I am feeling hopeful.  

This shows great growth as I just had part one of a root canal, my kids have not gone to school for a solid week in months, and the snow, the dumb snow.  

One way my hopeful outlook is manifesting itself is in my recent Old Navy purchase.  I literally snagged four pairs of sunglasses, including a rose-colored pair, and really cute ankle jeans.  

Cute, right?
Another way I get springy is in my reading list.  I have two more winter reads and then my book list is getting fresh.  I am a completely seasonal reader.  I love it when the books I'm reading match up with my seasonal mood.  I usually grab a classic and maybe a good middle grade or YA. 

Spring means walking outside with the dog on the regular.  No freezing wind and 30-degree temperatures.  Yay!

We pull out Easter decorations and I institute new chore charts and read-alouds.  The windows stay open and baseball season begins.  

It sounds glorious.  It is glorious.  

Until Spring drags on...rainy, sore shoulders because of the dog pulling the leash, no time for dinner because of baseball practices, and allergies.  

But for now, I'm going to enjoy my cheerfulness and ride it out as long as I can.  

Do you change things up for spring?  

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