Friday, March 23, 2018

Reading on a Plane

I recently had to take a trip across the country.  For the first time in my 13 years as a mom, I flew with my four kids, solo.  It was intimidating. 

imagine this + dragging four kids and three suitcases with you.  #fun

Traveling is stressful.  Security lines, figuring out meals, and keeping track of everyone makes me haggard.  But, there is one part of gearing up for a flight that I look forward to...

The kids are buckled in and holding their respective security objects, blankies and well-worn stuffed animals.  We've taken off and the flight attendants have cleared the use of electronic devices.  Air is rushing in my ears and the lights in the aircraft dim a bit.  And I lean forward and pull my book out of the seatback pocket.  We are surrounded by clouds.

In this moment I breathe deeply and feel a strong sense of gratitude.  For the next 3 hours, the kids' issues will be minimal, there will be no pressing distractions (laundry, I'm looking at you).  There's nowhere to go and the children are occupied.  

As I looked around the plane on my recent flight, though, I was surprised by how few of my fellow passengers were reading.  Most people were watching movies, many were napping, and there were a couple anxiously flipping through the in-flight magazines.  

I began to wonder...Am I the only one who reads on planes?  Surely this can't be true.  

On that trip, I logged some quality, uninterrupted reading time and managed to crush 178 pages of a new book (Pachinko, it's sooooo good, I can't wait to tell you about it).  I got into the storyline in a way I can't when I'm reading at home and thinking about a million other things.  When do I need to pick up the kids, why is the dog being so quiet in the other room, did I switch the laundry?  

On the plane, it was just me and a Korean family saga and I only had to surface to give my drink order.  

how are they always so happy??? 

The plane landed and my husband met us at the airport.  We went on with the rest of our trip but I'm still thinking about reading on that plane.  Am I weird?  

Would you read on a plane?  In the rain?  In a box?  With a fox?  

The answer for me is: YES!   

On a side note...I always bring three books so I have options and can pick the one that strikes my fancy at the moment.  After further consideration, yes, I am weird.  

getting off the plane like a boss...because I read my book, dummies!

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