Friday, February 2, 2018


Every now and then I mistakenly think that a sick day = lots of reading.  Today that theory was proved wrong.  

I don't have the regular flu and I'm thankful for that because I have heard stories of it lasting FOREVER.  Instead, I've caught the dreaded stomach flu.  This one flares, a few days of gastrointestinal distress and then boom, back to normal.  However, that distress can be intense.  

Today I spent the day in my bed.  I would like to think I would have finished a book or at least read more than 10 pages.  The pain, the trips to the bathroom, the naps.  I couldn't bring myself to lift a paperback.  

Maybe I'm weak, maybe some people can read a lot on days when their stomach has betrayed them.  But, I just couldn't.  I'm hoping that post dinner (which I will make, but not eat), I will have the strength to lift my book again.  I have also debated forcing one of my kids to read to me.  

Anyone else sick?  Are you able to read while you're bedridden?  

And also, maybe my day isn't a complete wash:  I am blogging after all!  Two posts in February, as promised.  Who knows, I might go for three!

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