Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tuesday Truthday

Here are some things that are true for me right now...feel free to share your truths in the comments!

1.  I'm reading a book that I can't stand.  I have to read it but I dread it so much.  I put it off and then I have to read three chapters instead of one.  This afternoon, when I read those chapters, I will be grinding my teeth and clapping back at the author in my head the whole time.  👎😠

2.  It's COLD today!  I broke out my fuzzy vest--to wear in my house.  We don't like to turn the heat on until it's ab.so.lute.ly necessary.  It may be necessary tonight.

3.  I'm working on humility and grace in my personal life.  I heard grace described as assuming the best about a person/situation.  That is not something that comes naturally to me.

4.  My family is in a busy time and I kind of love it.  I have less anxiety when I am busy.  I fall asleep easier and sleep better when I work hard all day.  Sometimes, though, I could do without all the extra emotional outbursts that this season seems to create in my kids.  

5.  The dog is at daycare today and I feel free.  I love her dearly, don't get me wrong.  But she's not begging me for a walk, chewing a coaster, or putting her nose under my wrist while I type and it feels so lovely.  See you at 6, Ruby!

6.  I ordered books at my local independent bookstore and they are waiting for me.  Why haven't I rushed right over there to pick them up, you ask...see #4.  Also, because of #4 my free time for reading is limited and so bringing more books into this house seems unfair because I probably won't even read them for a while.  First world problem, or what?

7.  We're having pulled pork for dinner and I forgot to put it in the over when I got home from dropping the dog off.  Hopefully I'll remember after this post is done.

8.  This morning, at 4:50am I took the dog out.  It was super dark but the moon was AMAZING and the stars were so bright.  I looked up and it was like a gift, seeing the sky like that.  It made taking Ruby out that early a little easier. 

9.  I got a new planner and this makes me giddy.  

10.  I'm so close to finishing Young Jane Young (40 pages, and they are fast paced pages).  I love this--because I can't wait to pick another book to read.  But I also don't love this--because I'm enjoying the story so much.  Any suggestions for a book I should read next?  

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