Sunday, November 5, 2017

So, what are you reading?

At lunches and coffees and walks in the park, this is the question that all my mom friends and I ask each other.  We are looking for insight into what we're reading as moms but, it's also a springboard to discuss what our kids are reading.  

So, let's pretend that we're sitting in a coffee shop, at a small table, in chairs with no arms.  There are people bustling about and exposed brick, of course.  The rich smell of overpriced coffee is filling the air and Christmas music is playing softly in the background (this is real.  it happened to me this week).  

It's afternoon here and I've already had my fill of coffee so I'm drinking peppermint tea.  I need an afternoon treat, so I don't skimp and go right for the rustic apple torte.  Yum.  You get what you always get in the afternoon.

"So, what are you reading," you ask.  Your eyebrows raised, wondering if I will say a title you're familiar with or something completely new.  

"Young Jane Young," I say.  "It's great.  A book about a woman who is kind of a smaller scale Monica Lewinsky figure.  It looks at the way society views scandal and women and it's really well done.  The pacing is nice and the voices are authentic without being melodramatic.  It's super enjoyable."  

Maybe you've read it and we exchange commentary on it.  Or maybe you pull out your phone and add it to your reading list.

"What else?  What are the kids reading these days?"

"Oh, you know them (😉), they read everything.  My oldest is reading Frankenstein for school.  I don't think I read that until college!  She likes it, though.  I also got her into the Flavia deLuce series so she's got one of those going on the side always."

"My second just read Under a Painted Sky.  I had never heard of it, but she really enjoyed it.  Historical fiction is her jam."

"The third grader is reading the haunted library series and the  Babysitters club graphic novels.  I would have loved those when I was in elementary school."  

"The baby of the family looooooves Creepy Carrots and A Creepy Pair of  Underwear.  I'm trying to get him to read some Frog and Toad but he is resistant because he thinks they are boring."  

"My husband is working on The Essex Serpent, which I wanted to read months ago but didn't get to it.  He likes it but it's taking a while.  I think watching Stranger Things seems more critical at the moment."

We talk about our feelings about Stranger Things and then I ask you...

"So, what are you reading?"

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