Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fall Books

This fall has been pretty good for my reading life so far...and, it's not over yet!

Here are the books I've read (also check me out on goodreads):

The Magician's Lie

I listened to this on audible.  Maybe that was a mistake.  I didn't love the narration and I'm getting really tired of recent releases having a lot of sexy scenes.  This is not my cup of tea, especially when I'm listening to it, without headphones, while making dinner, and my kids wander in.  No me gusta.

Also, it was kind of historical fiction and kind of magical realism, but I don't think it did either of those genres well.  

All that to say, it wasn't for me.  Have you read it?  Leave your thoughts in the comments please!

Turtles All The Way Down

I LOVED this one and didn't expect to.  I haven't been a big fan of Green's work, but he hit his stride with this novel.  In YA, sometimes the teens are just a little too whiney and slightly annoying.  In this book there was the perfect blend of sarcasm, angst, self doubt, self centeredness, and desire to do better that I think made for great teen characters.  They were dimensional and real.  

The synopsis talks about a mystery.  Don't go into this looking for mystery.  It's thin at best.  Be prepared to really enter the world of a few teens and see through their eyes.  Aza, the main character, struggles with OCD and the way Green writes her is raw and real.  

I couldn't stop thinking about this and finished it quick.  Is it on your radar?  What do you think of Green?

The Cruelest Month and A Fatal Grace

These two books are part of my new, happy place reading.  I recently discovered Louise Penny's series of mysteries that take place in Three Pines in Canada.  I finished the third installment and decided to take a break until December.  Pace myself, you know.  

The characters are a delight.  The mysteries are interesting and complex.  I don't love a ton of series, but this one is right up there with the Flavia deLuce mysteries.  

If you're looking for something to read on cold nights with a cup of tea nearby, you gotta look into these books.  Have you read this series?  I wanna hear about it...

Fierce Kingdom

I devoured this book.  There was no way I could put it down.  I'm a book of the month club member and this was a recent selection.  I put it off and then one day, I was like, "Hmmm, this one looks interesting, I like the carousel horses on the cover, let me start this."  After cracking open the book, I lost a day and a half while I read it in EVERY SINGLE SPARE MOMENT.  

A mom and her son are trapped in a zoo while a gunman is wreaking havoc on the place.  This resonated with me on so many levels.  It was terrifying but I could still sleep at night.  One of the things I loved about it was the subtle ways it looked at modern life and, especially, modern parenting.  The judgements we make, the way we do things, and how we make choices are all considered.  

I flew through this and can't wait to find another suspenseful novel like this one.  Do you like suspense?  Do you have any recommendations?

The Cottingley Secret

I read this for my book club.  It was so-so.  The writing was good and the historical bits were interesting.  

In England during the 20's two girls faked some photos of fairies and everyone believed them.  Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got in on the action.  

This novel looks at that story and weaves it into a modern story of a woman trying to get a grip on her life after her beloved grandfather dies.  

Not my favorite, but I definitely got into it and didn't mind picking it up.  Did you know about the fairies?  You should totally google the images.  

Real Friends
This is my only five star fall book so far.  I LOVED this middle grade graphic novel.  My daughter read it and was like, "Mom, you've got to read this."  I ignored it for a while but she kept insisting.  Finally, I read it last week.  

It was like the author got into my head and wrote down all my memories.  I grew up in a big family.  I had trouble with friends.  I doubted myself and felt insecure.  This book could be cathartic for adults or encouraging to kids who are experiencing the joy and pain that comes with friendship.

This is going to be a Christmas gift for all of my daughter's friends.  Have you read any books you're excited to give away?

The Woman on the Orient Express

Another audible book.  I liked the narration of this one a lot.  I listened to it while walking the dog.  

The novel tells a fictionalized version of Agatha Christie's trip on the Orient Express and her visit to Ur.  She meets two women on the train and they are all holding onto secrets that grieve them.  

The story and writing were good and it was fun googling the actual account of Christie's trip.

I read Murder on the Orient Express this summer and am super pumped about the movie that comes out in a few days.  Have you read any Christie?  


So, there you have it.  Those are the books I've finished so far.  Hopefully I get a few more in before winter hits.  

What have you read this fall?  

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