Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Love That Boy

Ok, so today I'm talking about Love That Boy, which I just finished.  But, because I wasn't a huge fan of the book, I'm also going to talk about Book of the Month Club.  

The book details the real-life experience of a father and son going to visit various presidential libraries, locations, and even a few presidents themselves.  Tyler, the son, has asperger's and his father is slowly coming to accept that fact and how this diagnosis will change their lives.   

I wanted to love this book.  I'm a big fan of parenting books and I thought this one would come off much less heavy handed on the didactic advice.  While that was true, it still didn't live up to my hopes.  The story and research didn't weave as seamlessly as I would have hoped and some of the author's connections seemed a bit of a reach.  

That being said, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone with a child who is being diagnosed with asperger's or adhd.  Though I can appreciate the lessons Fournier shares about his parenting journey I thought some of them were pretty obvious.  

That's my spiel about the book...but, the way I found the book was through my book of the month club membership.  I love it.  

As a reader, I'm often getting recommendations thrown at me from various friends and family.  Sometimes these pay off big (Lonesome Dove) other times, not so much (Shogun).  Book of the month club is a subscription service that is curated by people in the book world and one celebrity that changes from month to month.  I always feel like I'm getting a book that should be pretty good or have a sufficient amount of buzz around it to make me feel like I'm in the know.  

This time, the book wasn't my favorite, but I'm ok with that.  You always have the opportunity to skip a month if none of the choices look good to you or you don't have any time to read.  

I love getting my book box with a monthly surprise: a twisty straw, a ring pop, or even just the super sweet bookmark that comes in each book.  Also, you can add two more books to your box for just $9.99.  

I'm not being paid to say any of this.  I'm not getting any free books (sadly).  I just love this service and want to tell my fellow readers about it.  

Being in a book club is fun because you have to stretch your reading genres and themes.  This kind of serves the same purpose and since I'm not currently in a book club I have the time to read my botm pick.  

Let me know if you're a botm member and what your recent picks have been.  This month I'm getting The Woman in Cabin 10 and All the Ugly and Wonderful Things.  I'll let you know what I think about them soon!

Next up I'll be writing about Moone Boy, a mother-daughter book club pick.  <----Oops, I lied about not being in a book club.  I guess, I'm not in a book club with adults...

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